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Freaky Fun - Adult Sex Toys in India

Our Collection of Exciting Pleasure Products

Freaky Fun - Online Sex Toys Store In India

Fun That Gives you the Freaky Experience

Humans are pleasure-seeking creatures by nature, and what could be more satisfying than experiencing the fun our body has to offer? While sexual topics always tend to stay behind the curtain, when it’s about pleasure, every adult craves to explore. The sensual gratification of finding your wild side is something beyond imagination. It’s even more captivating when both partners equally tend to enjoy the process. Remember, the human race fathoms on fulfilling desires. While we love exploring our body, we’re equally attracted to things that make us feel more intense; especially when it meets our physical priority.

Sex toys aren’t new things. It has been there for a very long time. Men and women have fantasized about many natural objects to make sexual acts more stimulating. The ultimate pleasure arises when the surrounding turns steamy. These days, a vast majority of individuals prefer purchasing sex toys online, and consumers are equally supportive of such matters. These are the things that stay private; definitely, things that amuse your mind and soul.

Our body and mind need nourishment. Sensual pleasure is one of the best ways to recharge one’s body. Now, you should also understand that there are sex toys for men, there are sex toys for women, and there are adult toys for couples. Whether you have a partner or not, you can enjoy the delights of bodily fantasy with an array of sex toys available at our website. Seeking pleasure is all about bringing happiness and joy to the body and mind, isn’t it?. What we believe is that, it shouldn’t be limited within any individual. You can always get your favourite sex toys in India and explore the orgasmic sensation whenever and wherever you want.

Are Sex Toys Legal in India?

Ownership and usage is an interesting topic when it comes to adult toys in India. Many consumers in India simply kill their fantasies due to the fear of embarrassment. However, India is moving ahead of such a mindset. Our instincts guide us to experience new things, and sex toys like dildos or masturbators are pretty uncommon, making us enquire more about it. But, there are misconceptions about legal issues when it comes to adult products in India. However, before you make any purchase, we’ll clarify every detail.

The common misconception that Indian law bans the sale of sex toys is false. Moreover, legal and regulatory restrictions on adult products in India lie in the importation and public display of sex toys by merchants. Owning and using any form of sex toys like vibrators, anal toys, and penis sleeves in a private setting is lawful in India.

But consumers must also keep in mind that importing sex toys from a foreign land may be subject to legal matters. Indian retailers ensure that their products are brought under discreet packaging. This being said, you can own adult toys in India, play with them and enjoy the process it gives fearlessly.

To make it more discreet, we provide a special package on the product. We follow every community guideline so that our clients can enjoy the beauty of bodily caressing hassle-free. We’re just a like-minded brand that promotes safe and healthy sexual activity.

What Types Of Sex Toys Most Sell In India?

India has a large market for sex toys. When we segment sex toys by-products, it falls under three significant categories. These are

  • Sex toys for women
  • Sex toys for men
  • Adult toys for couples

Most people believe that sex toys are basically items that enhance pleasure in sexual activity. However, a large section of adult toys in India are used for medical purposes. These products are used to treat conditions such as erectile dysfunction, genital arousal disorder, hypoactive sexual disorder and other orgasmic disorders. Apart from that, consumers from across the country are now purchasing different items. Interestingly, while the market is relatively new, it has been expanding rapidly.

The increased understanding of healthy intercourse is one of the main reasons behind the rise in demand. When you order sex toys online, you don’t need to rely on any partner to experience satisfaction. As a leading seller of sex toys for women, the significant shift in conservative attitudes towards sex and sexuality is slowly transforming, especially among the female members in our society.

Over the years, the sales of sex toys and adult products have sky-rocketed by 65% since the lockdown. These numbers are expected to rise in the coming years. While we’re still hush-hush about sex and adult products, consumers have 24×7 access to purchase via e-commerce sites. We provide a convenient shopping experience where customers can simply browse and make an order within their comfort zone. Also, products are shipped to your doorstep discreetly; no worries regarding privacy concerns.

Explore the Widest Range of Sex Toys Online At Our Freaky Fun Store

Consumers are more willing to explore their sexual fantasies and we’re here to meet their expectations. At our Freaky Fun Store, we offer the most stimulating sex toys in India. What we as a brand acknowledge is that safe and healthy sensual fun is every adult’s right. Your wildest illusion is a part of you and if it isn’t harmful, you may always go for it. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with seeking pleasure when we’re pleasure-seeking creatures by instinct.

Uncover the kinkiest products that guarantee ultimate sexual fantasy. Our sex toys are made to provide you the ultimate ecstasy. Not only does it help you enhance intimacy, but the adult toys are here to offer complete emotional and physical pleasure. You can get the latest sex toys online and make all your desires come true.

Sex should be fun, and with all the trendy sexual toys available we help you define the game of pleasure. In the world of enjoyment, bodily fantasy is something adults crave and when you have the best means, you and your partner can experience the ultimate satisfaction.

Women Sex Toys

These days women are pretty open when it comes to sex. Moreover, the beauty of sexual intimacy lies in exploring the uncharted territory. Most females believe in connecting their bodies through the mind, and the act of self-pleasure is something every woman wants to expose herself. We offer a wide range of girls’ sex toys. You can fulfil all the desires you have had with our mind-enriching sex toys. Besides, your satisfaction is what we seek. Here are some of the top products that our female customers look for when it comes to women’s sex toys.


Dildos are the most popular girl sex toys that we offer. They come in different shapes, sizes and colours. Dildos are made with high-quality products that stimulate your vagina. Also, we offer products with surface patterns that make the process more intimate. Whether you’re looking for straight, curved, thick or thin dildos, we’ve got you covered. Our products are made to deliver the orgasmic sensation once you explore it in your body.

Female orgasm is a complex subject, and every individual has a unique set of expectations. You must dive deeper to explore the level of fantasy. It’s similar to entering a basement. The slower you move, the clearer the view. Dildos may be used for a wide range of pleasure. It’s used for vaginal penetration, anal insertion or oral perforation. This depends on your wildest imagination.

At our store, we offer a range of products. Moreover, you can select the one you find intriguing and we’ll deliver it right at your doorstep discreetly. So are you ready to explore the fantasy of good times?


Vibrators are ideal sex toys when it comes to delightful sexual intimacy. You get numerous types of vibrators including clitoral stimulators. Also, you can purchase premium vibrators that create a pleasurable tension between the clitoral walls in the vagina. Our products guarantee sexual arousal, making you get the “high” within a matter of seconds. Also, all the products have been developed scientifically with a special focus on safety and hygiene. You can now set on a path of self-discovery with our latest women’s sex toys.

One of the most idealised subjects is the G-spot. Even during intercourse, getting the G-spot can be challenging. With our sex tools, let your partner seek out the treasure while they open every possibility. Also, in the process, you can feel the inner arousal with much fun and excitement. Vibrators are known to induce an orgasmic sensation in the shortest period. It activates every nerve around the citorial muscles generating a high rate of sensation.

Consumers can experience multiple ranges of vibration patterns. Likewise, when it comes to size, you can avail of pocket-friendly products that are simple to use, clean and carry. So, don’t let your sexual intimacy set only within your imagination. Explore a wide range of products to satisfy your fantasy.

Breast Care Products

Breast care products make intimacy more sensual. From providing a gentle and effective caressing solution to nourishment, we offer a wide range of products. The products ensure smooth relaxation, muscle recovery and growth. Also, they are customizable; i.e., it enables users to adjust the intensity, speed and pattern when seeking pleasure.

We also offer a wide range of products like creams that make breastfeeding more comfortable. You can go for nipple creams and breast pads that guarantee a balance between hygiene and pleasure. Consumers can get specialised products that comfort your body and add confidence every time you move ahead.

Kegel Balls

Do you want to take control of your pelvic health and explore sexual fantasy simultaneously, our kegel ball is one of the best women’s sex toys you must explore. These are weighted balls that you can insert into the vagina and enhance the pleasure of sexual intimacy. Most consumers start with the lightest product and gradually progress further.

Kegel balls are great when it comes to enhancing intimate sensation in the pelvic areas. Besides, it’s scientifically proven to enhance orgasm. Also, most customers fear the unfortunate risk of getting stuck; however, it is unlikely to happen. Even the most stubborn kegel ball can be seamlessly removed by movement: gently jumping or moving around.

Kegal ball is one of the most common sex toys in India. Using it before sex can be likely to improve your arousal rate.


Skimpy lingerie has always been an oomph factor. Lingeries are well known for stimulating hormones that arouse sexual desires. Don’t forget bikinis are the number one factor for stimulation. Also, seduction has much to do with what you wear. You always have the charge over your partner with that enticing selection. Be it those curvy muscles or steamy legs, lingerie makes the climax more alluring.

Indulge yourself in the sexiest outfit and heat the moment like never before with our range of seductive lingerie. Our magnificent range of products are here to create priceless memories for both you and your partner, ensuring ultimate sexual intimacy.

Men Sex Toys

There are a range of sex toys that men can use for sensual well-being. With versatile and easy-to-use sex toys, men can experience the pleasure of lovemaking comprehensively. Also, these sex toys for men come at a very reasonable price. These days anal toys are gaining popularity among gay men. The sex toys are vibrant and help men experience realistic sexual tension. So whether you’re tired or stressed, grab your sex toys and start enjoying the feeling of mind-blowing sensual ecstasy. From realistic prostate massagers to terrific masturbators, the hidden pleasure of sexual desirability is right within the click.


Dogs are a man’s best friend, but what if we say, there’s an object that men can play around with or they’re no less than their best friend? Yes, you got it right; i.e., Masturbators. Let your hands get free and let the penis do its thing. Masturbators are one of the best things men could own. It offers a realistic experience where your nerves are stroked. The soft friction creates tension, leading to ejaculation.

Masturbators come in different shapes, sizes and colours. You can order different types of sex toys online as per your requirements discreetly. Remember, life is hectic, and self-care is the need of the hour. Masturbators help you experience self-pleasure whether your partner is available or not. So, why wait, order today and explore all the potentials your body needs to experience?

Penis Ring

Men want prolonged erection leading to heightened sexual pleasure. Hard erection not only brings sensual tension but also boosts confidence among men. The secret to pleasure and performance lies in penis rings or commonly known as “cock rings”. Usually, your cock rings are small elastic and adjustable rings worn around the penis. It ensures blood supply forcing the penis to stay erect.

Penis rings are made to pleasure both the partners. Our penis rings offer to vibrate sensually on the clitoris to ensure limitless enjoyment. You can purchase different types of rings for both the penis and the testicles. Meanwhile, there’s a simple scientific theory behind all the products; i.e., to provide tension in muscle to enhance blood flow. Additionally, we guarantee that all our products are safe to use.

Penis Sleeves

Penis sleeves are a non-invasive device. These are sexual products used to enlarge the penis. It’s a non-surgical penile enlargement technique that stretches the tissue. It ultimately focuses on cell growth. Penis sleeves are a common process used by many customers to enhance the length of their penis. It’s a medical-free treatment proven to enhance the size of the penis.

If you want to grow some extra inch of size, the penis sleeve is one sex toy in India you must go for purchase. Meanwhile, once you purchase the penis sleeve, it’s best to wear one everywhere. Also, an extra inch of penis can make your partner go crazy, craving you every time they think about pleasure.

Prostate Massagers

Imagine experiencing a smooth and delectable vibration in between the trinity of testicles, perineum and prostate. The feeling of ecstasy that the body-safe silicone offers is something men can explore with their prostate messengers. Not only does it release all the body stress, but it helps you remove the discomfort that comes with the stigma of male penetration. That soft and comforting massager that you order can deliver you the heavenly sensation you have been waiting to explore for a long time.

Get your prostate massager, which offers a superb level of satisfaction. Its strong presence with a decent size helps in complete arousal. Even best when used with the help of your partner. Now, your foreplay and sex get more exciting.

Couple Sex Toys

Make your sexual ecstasy more fun by indulging in a range of couple sex toys. While this is not a new thing, many couples these days are exploring sex toys in India. Meanwhile, cost has been one of the factors behind the exploration of sex toys. But there’s nothing to worry about, we offer the most pleasurable, sensual and cost-effective sex toys across India.

Couple sex toys work both ways; not only do they provide sexual intimacy within the partner, but also boost emotional connectivity.

Strap On Dildo

Strap on dildos are pretty popular among couples here in India. Those individuals who want to experience the ultimate ass play or double penetration can enjoy the most with a strap on dildo. Those couples who want to explore role reversal may always purchase a strap on dildo.

Strap on dildos is loved by ladies who want to experience dominance while performing sexual acts. But, some things can be concerning, especially when some male members tend to resist. We highly recommend safe and hygienic sexual intercourse.

Collar & Handcuffs

Couples do have kinky desires and it’s absolutely fine to explore such fantasies. At our store, we provide a range of collars & handcuffs. It’s more about making the process more stimulating. Besides, our sex toys in India come with different build quality. This can be plastic cuffs, fuzzy cuffs and more.

Cuffs help couples engage in love-making emotionally. It makes the act more desirable, allowing each member to play the dominant role simultaneously. Make your partner experience the desire for sexual acts with our high-quality collars & handcuffs today.

BDSM Restraints

If you’re one of the avid fans of 50 Shades of Grey, you must explore our BDSM restraints. Let Anastasia explore her dark fantasy while Mr Grey enjoys the process. Get to know the wildest version of yourself. With the BDSM restraints, you’ve got every chance to enjoy intimacy with your partner. To the outside world you’re a beautiful couple, but inside the closed walls, you’re two untamed souls who are not limited within any boundaries.

These sex toys are not just any product but a device that streamlines two different souls towards the path of ecstasy. If you and your partner are ready to explore the potential of physical and mental pleasure, make sure you order the BDSM restraints from our store.

Mask & Blindfolds

Sexual acts can be unique. It can be dominating, it can be regressive, but what it needs to offer is unlimited fun. Masks and blindfolds make the sexual act more enjoyable. It is one of the most demanding products couples go for when purchasing sex toys online.

You and your partner can go for a range of masks and blindfolds and enjoy the climax before the initiation of the process. Wait no further and get your products to experience the ultimate arousal from us.

BDSM Harness

BDSM harness is a full package of adult toys we offer to our consumers. We provide the best body harness that suits every body type, helping you take your fantasy to the next level. Besides, to make a dominant authority, the right harness is essential. Be it a leather bust harness or the bruiser bulldog, we offer a range of BDSM harnesses for you and your partner.

Our Goal And Vision​

Our Aim or Objective is to become a one place outlet or Online Sex Toys store, where you can find all the information about sex and find suitable sex toys you are looking for. Our Commitment is to fulfill the demand of customers for their sexual pleasure. Most importantly keeping Nature in mind and avoiding chemicals, We created more products for both men and female Relevance viewpoint; Female Sex Toys products like vibrators, Dildo For Female, and massagers are loved by every gender for stimulations and pleasures. Our goal is to take our Sex Toy Market from Indian market all over the world.

Sexual health is very important for a male or female. Physical need extends sexual activities and feel of touch and kisses of your partner’s body and holding them tightly and grabbing your lovers waist with your arms around the midsection of your partner. A human body has enough sexual senses to ignite you or just by having a look at your lover could make you feel like losing control and get it started with sex. Freaky Fun cares about sexual health more than of selling sex toys. Our Wide ranges of Dildos, vibrators, and other adult products aren’t just for fun, pleasure, or satisfaction but our high-quality sex toys help people to explore their sexuality and let them fall in love with their bodies at any place and complete all Porn anancies with each other. Our highly educated Customer care services also guides you throughout the journey of your buying a sex toy to how to use i.e. deals in these stuffs so that men and women can experience the many positive benefits of sexual fulfillment, so we recommend using these sex toys to play with your parts with full Strength.

Why Should Choose Freaky Fun?

We’re a leading distributor when it comes to sex toys online. We offer the best quality sex toys for men and women with a wide variety of products. Also, choosing a high-quality product ensures a safe and healthy activity. Meanwhile, using sex toys that don’t prioritise health factors can affect your body; as a result, it may cause a range of issues, including discomfort, irritation and infection.

Extensive Selection

We’re one of the very few stores that offer an extensive selection of sex toys in India. Our products include a diverse range of selection that guarantees ultimate pleasure. We value our customers and offer some of the top-notch products at economical pricing.

Discreet Shopping

Privacy is our foremost priority. While we’re a platform that aims to meet your sexual needs, we’re equally a responsible brand and ensure discreet packaging and shipping of products to your doorstep. So, order as many selections as you want, and we’ll deliver it to you seamlessly.

Quality Assurance

We’re a brand that believes in customer satisfaction. We offer high-quality sex toys online made with body-safe materials. You can use our products and enjoy the experience. We prioritise your well-being over anything else.

Affordable Pricing

We’ve already mentioned before that physical pleasure is every adult’s right; as a result, we have brought the most cost-effective adult toys in India. Get the best and most economical sex toys only from us.

Secure Payment

We provide a secure payment platform. We run a user-friendly website where every payment process can be tracked. Simply order your product, and go for the payment. Once done, we generate a payment slip with a trackable delivery date.

100% Customer Satisfaction

As a leading brand, we believe in ultimate customer satisfaction. We firmly believe that our customers will come for more purchases if we’re able to gain their trust; as a result, customers are always our priority.